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SHORTCAST – Extended Jason Tudor Interview

As promised, here is the extended interview D. Bethel had with Jason Tudor, about his new webcomic, Vorpal, that was featured in a truncated version in Episode 45.  Here you’ll find many more topics and extended discussions on topics than were featured on the episode. We hope you enjoy the extended interview! For all intents and purposes, that was an extended interview!

Five Years [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes

We’re taking a quick minute to take notice that today––March 29th––is the five year anniversary of the show’s first episode. For five years this show has proudly never missed an update. Sure, to accommodate that we created formats like the Shortcast, Guestcast, and even an honest-to-god clip show––but we’ve always brought you weekly audio as your reliable 14th source for nerdy and geeky news and discussion. During this time, we tried out a lot of things––not the least of which…

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Episode 151 – The Coca-Cola of Science Fiction

WEEK IN GEEK: Both Andrew and D. Bethel saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi so–– THE LAST HOT TAKE: They bring in original Star Wars fan and friend of the show, Jason Tudor, to talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the talk around the movie, and what it means for the franchise SPOILER ALERT––SIGNIFICANT PLOT POINTS ARE DISCUSSED; BE SURE TO WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE LISTENING. RELATED EPISODES: Episode 29 – Guitar Mode: Where Jason Tudor first appeared on…

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Episode 80 – Alien Control Party

Week in Geek: Andrew goes back to playing Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, while Dan goes way back into the past by playing the Nintendo DS release of the Super Famicom classic, Front Mission. Also, friends of the show, Jason Tudor and Keith Houin’s sci-fi webcomic, Vorpal, now has a print version available for purchase. Check it out at Headshrinker’s Press. Archiving Legacies: Dan and Andrew discuss how video games are being preserved and/or reintroduced to modern players and how the process isn’t as…

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Episode 45 – Cuss Bomb

Week in Geek: Andrew (and Dan) get caught up in the latest nostalgia-driven mobile free-to-play game, Final Fantasy Record Keeper while Dan watches yet another Hayao Miyazaki movie (this time, it’s Porco Rosso). Vorpal, Shoot Between Heartbeats: Dan sits down with previous guest, Jason Tudor, to talk about Jason’s new sci-fi, espionage webcomic, Vorpal, creative goals, inspirations, and philosophies. This is a very truncated version of a much longer interview, which is available as its own Shortcast. Free to Play Games: With the previously mentioned…

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Episode 29 – Guitar Mode

This week brings the longest episode yet! That’s only because it’s full of so much great content! This week, the roundtable discusses military fiction, in any form, and it takes some thoughtful, and unexpected, turns. Week in Geek: Andrew continues his reading streak with Ready Player One by Ernest Cline while Dan is impressed with the Disney revisionist fairy tale, Maleficent. Interview: Dan sits down with the host of The Science Fiction Show (a great podcast to which you all should listen), Jason…

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