Episode 45 – Cuss Bomb

Episode 45 – Cuss Bomb

Week in Geek: Andrew (and Dan) get caught up in the latest nostalgia-driven mobile free-to-play game, Final Fantasy Record Keeper while Dan watches yet another Hayao Miyazaki movie (this time, it’s Porco Rosso).

Vorpal, Shoot Between Heartbeats: Dan sits down with previous guest, Jason Tudor, to talk about Jason’s new sci-fi, espionage webcomic, Vorpal, creative goals, inspirations, and philosophies. This is a very truncated version of a much longer interview, which is available as its own Shortcast.

Free to Play Games: With the previously mentioned Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Dan and Andrew talk Free-to-Play games––also known as “Freemium” games––and what their trend in gaming means to gaming and nerd culture at large.

Marvel Takes a Dare…devil: Not to ignore some major nerd news, Andrew and Dan discuss the recent Netflix Marvel TV show, Daredevil, and what it means to Marvel and TV watching in general.

Question of the Geek:

What’s been a Free-to-Play game that has gotten its hooks into you?

Leave your answer as a comment on the page for this episode at forall.libsyn.com. You can also leave your answers (and join in on the conversations) at our official Facebook and Google+ pages. You may also e-mail us any questions, comments, or concerns at forallpod [at] gmail.com.

For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.

Featured Music:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio

-“There’s Something in Here (theme from The Science Fiction Show)” by Aaron Kusterer

-“Freedom Isn’t Free” by Trey Parker (from Team America: World Police)

-“I’d Rather Be Blind” by Freddie King

-“Right or Wrong” by Titiyo

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