Shortcast 48 – My Smokey Timbre

Shortcast 48 – My Smokey Timbre

RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE: This week, Andrew and D. discuss revisions that happen to works after they are released. From the canon-bending Star Wars re-releases from the late 1990s to the archival efforts of the Mega Man Legacy Collection, works are “preserved” in some form or another, but attention could (and should) be paid to the reasons for such preservation and re-release: is it in the interest of the creator? Of the owner? Of the audience? While they don’t generate any answers, our hosts certainly probe the topic for its diversity of impetus, goals, and cultural impact. Well, they do decide that pop culture needs some sort of library, but that’s about it.




For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.


-“District Four” by Kevin McLeod (*
-“Disco Medusae” by Kevin McLeod (*
*Tracks are licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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