A Veritable Odyssey

A Veritable Odyssey

MISTER, I’LL MAKE AN EPIC OUT OF YOU: Andrew and D. Bethel briefly touch upon the interesting and promising live-action adaptation of the animated Disney classic, Mulan, even though this seems to be making considerable changes from the animated source material (seemingly to be more in-line with the folkloric source material).

Here’s the Twitter thread that Andrew mentioned, starting here with this tweet by Jenn Ravenna:


OBLIVIOUS OBSIDIAN: After Chris Avellone’s controversial interview where he makes argument about political content in video games, a former coworker of his at Obsidian––Leonard Boyarski––steps into the trap when discussing the politics of the upcoming Obsidian RPG, The Outer Worlds, in an interview with PC Gamer. Andrew and Dan try to parse the differences with Avellone’s comments and why this is such an issue (still).

REMAKE REDUX: Andrew briefly discusses his short but pleasant time with the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake.





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