Episode 21 – Standing in Landscapes

Episode 21 – Standing in Landscapes

Kicking in the door of its third set of ten episodes but instead of blazing bold new trails, For All Intents and Purposes continues reveling in the fright and horror that comes with October.

Week in Geek:  Andrew watches new Star Wars television while Dan plays the full version of a game he has already talked about on the show. Dan also wrapped the first chapter of his western webcomic, Long John, this week, which means it’d be a great time to check it out (and to tell your friends about it if you like it)!

What’s in a Villain: In a new segment, Dan and Andrew discuss the villainy of Beauty and the Beast‘s main antagonist, Gaston.

Discussion: Are supernatural monsters as scary now that we have a tendency to rationalize or––as Andrew and Dan say in the episode––”sciencificate” them into the realm of possibility? Why do we do that? What’s the point? Can we stop?

What’s in a Game: In a spinoff to the “video games people should play” segment, Dan and Andrew discuss a game that should be knocked off its pedestal in their estimation. This time, they discuss the much venerated Final Fantasy VII.

Question of the Week:

What is your favorite Halloween episode of a television show?

You may submit your answer to the page for this episode at forall.libsyn.com. Be sure to join the official For All Intents and Purposes Facebook and Google+ pages to submit comments, answers to the questions, and to get interesting and relevant links to cool nerdy stuff on the internet. You may also e-mail us at forallpod@gmail.com.

For all intents and purposes, that’s an episode recap.

Music in this Episode:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio

-“Gaston” by The Bad Plus

-“Some Kind of Monster” by Metallica

-“Fanfare” by Nobuo Uematsu (from Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version)

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