Episode 53 – With Space Hands

Episode 53 – With Space Hands

Week in Geek: Andrew plays more Free-to-Play games while Dan travels back in time to a previous Week in Geek for Andrew and plays the infuriating Rogue Legacy.

NTG: To kick off the discussion about time travel, Dan and Andrew decide to watch “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” their first foray into Star Trek: The Next Generation on the show! What happens when two Enterprises pass in the night? Explosions.

Time Travel: Andrew and Dan investigate the use and implications of time travel in popular fiction.

Time Paradox: Since they’re talking about time travel, Dan and Andrew also talk about what happens when time travel breaks time.

Question of the Geek:

What is yoru favorite fictional use of time travel?


What is your favorite instance of a paradox in fiction?

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For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.

Featured Music:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio

-“Star Trek: The Next Generation – End Credits” by Ron Jones

-“(The Majestic Tale of) an Idiot With a Box” by Murray Gold (from Doctor Who – Series 8 Original Television Soundtrack)

-“Main Title (Terminator 2 Theme)” by Brad Fiedel

-“Faith of the Heart” by Russell Watson (from Star Trek: Enterprise)

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