Episode 52 – Teasing the Difference

Episode 52 – Teasing the Difference

Week in Geek: Andrew binge re-watches The X-Files on Netflix and sees a lot of new things he hadn’t seen before while Dan binge-plays The Last of Us Remastered and loses hope in humanity while gaining hope in gaming.

New Games: Dan and Andrew discuss the trailers released for two hotly anticipated games: Fallout 4 and XCom 2.

Binge-Watching: Andrew and Dan discuss binge-watching television in general: what it means for television, what it means for the future of television, and how it is changing our habits as television watchers.

Boast of Bethel: Dan discusses language used in reviews of Netflix’s Daredevil when it was released and how binge-watching is changing the way we talk about television.

Question of the Geek:

What are your favorite opening credits from a television show? Why?

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For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.

Featured Music:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio

-“It’s All Over But the Crying” by The Ink Spots

-“All Day Sucker” by Stevie Wonder

-“Main Title” by John Paesano & Braden Kimball (from DAREDEVIL: Music from the Original Series)

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