Three-Part Trilogy

Three-Part Trilogy

EVENTUAL CONTACT DAY: Our hosts cover some recent Star Trek news, including the announcement of a Section 31 movie and the teaser for season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

WEEK IN GEEK: In a bout of recently released video game-based movies, Andrew talks about AppleTV+’s docudrama (emphasis on the drama), Tetris, while D. Bethel joins the rest of the world in seeing The Super Mario Bros. Movie.



  • In It to Win It” (03 October 2014): Where Andrew shares his pitch for the (at the time) recently announced sci-fi themed Tetris movie.
  • Super Sleep Mode” (28 November 2014): Where D. talks about starting the book about the Sega-Nintendo rivalry, Console Wars (he actually finished the book in 2019…he really didn’t like how it was written).
  • Something About Werewolves” (4 September 2020): Where Andrew discusses the Netflix video game documentary series, High Score.



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