Drinking From a Firehose

Drinking From a Firehose

SDCC 2022: San Diego Comic Con actually happened this year after a long period of COVID-based dormancy, and it returned with a fury, dropping all kinds of news and sneak peeks and trailers…of comic book movies and tv more than anything else. Our hosts dissect the announcements that interested them the most.


  • (00:00) Intro
  • (04:29) Quick overview of Marvel Studio’s Phase 5 plans
  • (05:28) She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer & Daredevil’s return
  • (12:59) The teaser trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever asks more questions than it answers––as can be expected from a teaser trailer.
  • (19:45) Star Trek: Picard announcements & character posters.
  • (22:47) Star Trek: Strange New Worlds & Star Trek: Lower Decks announcements and…crossover?
  • (27:17) DC announcements? Not so much, aside from a trailer for Shazam: Fury of the Gods.
  • (28:06) The Dungeons & Dragons movie gets a trailer and a controversial poster.
  • (38:43) Outro – RIP David Warner
  • (42:48) Outtakes


  • We Don’t Know $#!&” (29 May 2014): In our first episode, our hosts discuss some controversy surrounding comments made by David Goyer about She-Hulk.
  • Magic Beer” (23 January 2015): Where, when discussing the David E. Kelley’s legal comedy-drama, Boston Legal, our hosts mention how he would be the perfect person to bring a She-Hulk show to life (audio is quoted from this episode).
  • Multiverse Averse” (20 May 2022): Where our hosts discuss their excitement after seeing the first trailer for Disney+’s She Hulk: Attorney at Law.



  • “Be Prepared” by Tim Rice & Elton John, performed by Jeremy Irons

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