Episode 01 – We Don’t Know $#!&

Episode 01 – We Don’t Know $#!&

In the premiere episode of A Podcast [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes, we are introduced to the hosts: Andrew, a stew of nuclear engineering, lawyering, and quizomancy; and Dan, a comicker who teaches English––as they fill you in on a variety of topics, including:


-Original Comic Art

-Boasts of Bethel: Dan’s Statement of Nerdly Purpose

-The David Goyer/She Hulk Incident

-Doctor Who Ramble: The Leisure Hive

We’re still working out the kinks and finding our feet; but we hope you enjoy it all the same, for all intents and purposes.

Music from this episode includes:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio

-“I Am the Doctor” by Jon Pertwee

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