THE DMV PERSISTS: Andrew shares a particularly arduous, hilarious, and somewhat sad quest he experienced in Fallout 76, which leads also to a short discussion about the Amazon Prime show, Fallout.

DISCOVERY ENDS: With the release of the season and series finale of Star Trek: Discovery (which was not released at the time of this recording), Andrew reflects on the arc––and legacy––of this show.

SCAVENGERS REREIGN: D. Bethel uses his WiG time to discuss the debut of the former HBO animated series, Scavengers Reign, from Max to Netflix and how people should really watch this unique and poignant sci-fi animated series.

WE ABSOLUTELY STILL DON’T KNOW $#!%: Wait, what? It’s our tenth anniversary! Our hosts update us on some of the topics discussed back in the very first episode.


(00:00) Intro – Last week’s episode and our 10th anniversary!
(03:42) Andrew’s adventures at the post-apocalyptic DMV in Fallout 76.
(09:21) Discussing the Fallout tv series finale.
(13:37) Andrew discusses the end of Star Trek: Discovery.
(22:00) D. Bethel makes a plea for people to watch Scavengers Reign on Netflix.
(27:25) Episode 1 retrospective
(32:57) Outro
(34:01) Outtakes


  • We Don’t Know $#!&” (29 May 2014): Our very first episode from ten years ago.
  • We Still Don’t Know $#!&” (31 May 2019): Our fifth anniversary episode.
  • Lunch Talk” (26 January 2024): Where D. Bethel briefly discusses Scavengers Reign.
  • The Deep Nerd Zone” (12 April 2024): Where Andrew talks about the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, season 5.
  • Jersey Finger” (26 April 2024): Where our hosts discuss Amazon Prime’s Fallout television series.
  • Rads & Butts” (10 May 2024): Where our hosts discuss their dive into Fallout 76.



  • “Stayin’ In Black” by Wax Audio

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