It began with a dream. Long time friends and nerd co-dependents D. Bethel and Andrew Asplund had spent years talking to each other about all things geeky and nerdy. But nobody was listening. Then, things changed. In May 2014, it occurred to both of them that they had microphones attached to their computers. Over the course of one fateful week, the first episode was born: We Don’t Know $#!&. Together, they had made a podcast (for all intents and purposes). Two friends who liked to talk became two podcasters who like to talk. A globe-spanning phenomenon was born.

Since then, these two nerd co-dependents have grown. They realized there is more to life then just yelling into microphones. Some people read things. Some people watch things. The hosts realized that they needed to expand their footprint into words and images. It wasn’t enough to just listen anymore. And there would need to be a place to organize all this stuff.

Welcome to A Website [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes.


Andrew Asplund – Lawyer/Statistician/Gamer Viceroy


E-Mail: andrew@forallintents.net
Twitter: @ProfoundDark

D. Bethel – English Professor/Comicker

DanProfileSmallE-Mail: dbethel@forallintents.net
Twitter: @DBethel
Tumblr: dcvbethel.tumblr.com
Comic: LongJohnComic.com