Rads & Butts

Rads & Butts

FALLOUT FEVER: There may have been a gap of a week between episodes, but our hosts are still in the throes of Fallout, as they have both picked up Bethesda Game Studio’s Fallout 76 (again, for Andrew; the first time, for Dan). They recount its rocky origins, what kind of MMO it is, and what they are both trying to get out of it.


  • Quite Easily Done” (8 June 2018): Where our hosts discuss the No Clip documentary on the history of Bethesda Game Studios.
  • A Sense of Place” (30 November 2018): Where Andrew gives his initial impressions up Fallout 76‘s original release.
  • The 2-Body Solution” (29 March 2024): Where D. Bethel excitedly shares his thoughts on Balatro.
  • Jersey Finger” (26 April 2024): Where our hosts discuss the Fallout television show on Amazon Prime.




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