Dance Dance Go Go Machine

Dance Dance Go Go Machine

HAWKEYE BRO: This week, our hosts talk about the most recent Disney+ Marvel show, Hawkeye, while also veering into discussing Marvel’s TV offerings versus their cinematic ones, the importance of continuity, and the MCU overall.


  • The Nature of the Gutter” (12 March 2021): Where our hosts and on-the-ground-DC-correspondent, Taylor, discuss the first Disney+ Marvel show, WandaVision.
  • Marvel Dance Battle” (30 April 2021): Where our hosts and on-the-ground-Marvel-correspondent, Kyrun Silva (of Taurus Comics) discuss the second released Disney+ Marvel show, Falcon and the Winter Soldier.
  • Unbridled Hedonism” (03 December 2021): Where our hosts discuss the controversy about getting more recognition (and compensation) for Matt Fraction and David Aja, the creators whose run on the Hawkeye comic was a clear and overt influence on the Disney+ show.




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