So Many Halves

So Many Halves

WEEK IN HYPE: Instead of discussing what nerdy and geeky stuff they’ve been actively doing, our hosts instead discuss what nerdy and geeky stuff they’re excited about potentially doing. Andrew is inspired by the TTJRPG, Fabula Ultima, while D. Bethel gets tactical, romantic, and deck-buildy in the first few hours of Marvel’s Midnight Suns.


(00:00) Intro – it’s hot in Sacramento!
(01:22) Andrew’s Week in Hype: Fabula Ultima
(20:32) D. Bethel’s Week in Hype: Marvel’s Midnight Suns
(34:55) Outro – new nerdy content: Fallout 76 update and Godzilla Minus One is on Netflix
(38:04) Outtakes


  • Memory of a Landline” (17 December 2021): Where D. Bethel shares his thoughts on the opening hours of Eidos-Montreál’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game.
  • The Full Kyrun” (02 February 2024): Where D. Bethel shares his thoughts on Godzilla Minus One Minus Color.
  • The Deep Nerd Zone” (12 April 2024): Where our hosts briefly discuss the JRPG throwback, Sea of Stars.




  • “Jack of All Trades Theme Song” by Joseph LoDuca, performed by Andrew Asplund and D. Bethel

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