The Full Kyrun

The Full Kyrun

THE STROMAN ARGUMENT: Kyrun Silva of Taurus Comics and the 4 Tales Podcast joins D. Bethel for this week’s show and they talk a bit about some recent guests Kyrun has had on his podcast.

WEEK IN GEEK: This week, Kyrun dives into Alan Moore’s celebrated run on DC Comics’ Swamp Thing while D. Bethel is awestruck by Godzilla Minus One (though, technically, he watched Godzilla Minus One Minus Color).

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(00:00) Intro – Welcome, Kyrun Silva!
(11:20) Kyrun’s Week in Geek: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing
(21:10) D. Bethel’s Week in Geek: Godzilla Minus One Minus Color
(42:46) Outro – A Mini Con Artists
(46:25) Outtakes


  • Godzilla Fhtagn“: an essay about the 2014 American production, Godzilla, and its Lovecraftian overtones by D. Bethel.



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