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Tweets to Toots

Tweets to Toots

WHERE DID YOU GET THESE SEEDS?: Our hosts talk a bit about the first few episodes of the new Disney+ fantasy show, Willow, based on the Ron Howard-directed Lucasfilm movie from the mid-1980s.

WEEK IN GEEK: This week, Andrew watches the 2-season HBO series, Los Espookys, while D. Bethel gives his opening thoughts on Star Trek: Deep Space 9 after getting a good chunk into season 1.

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  • Some Solid Copy” (14 August 2015): Where D. Bethel talks about Jon Stewart’s final episode of The Daily Show.
  • Love the Stank” (30 December 2016): Where D. Bethel listens to Trevor Noah’s autobiography, Born a Crime.
  • Relevant Irreverence” (17 May 2019): Where Andrew shares his experiences watching the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 documentary, What We Left Behind.
  • Land Your Runabout” (18 November 2022): Where our hosts discuss the premiere episode of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, “Emissary.”