Now Streaming on Spotify

Now Streaming on Spotify

Broadening our podcast’s availability has been a fairly constant ask since some of the more popular audio streaming services started opening up their doors to the medium.

Currently, you can stream our show on this very website, on the host site at Libsyn (though I wouldn’t recommend that, it’s not a pretty site to go to), or through a service like the Apple Podcast app or other similar apps.

But now, we’ve started to broaden our scope by adding the show to Spotify.

Obviously, you can click the link in the last sentence to get there, but you can also find the link on the frontpage of the website, with an icon in the right column that looks like this:

So, if that’s your preferred method of listening to audio content generally, know now that you can stay where you are to listen to our glorious weekly content as well.

If there are any other services you would like to see us add to, let us know in the comments!

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