Shortcast 04 – Week in Geek

Shortcast 04 – Week in Geek

For All Intents and Purposes is back with another Shortcast episode! Much like last week, Dan and Andrew discuss their respective weeks in geek. Specifically, Andrew plays a delightful board game that is basically a re-skin of a good board game, while Dan reads a comic and also buys a game he has bought before, but this time for his phone.

What was your week in geek like? Leave your answers as comments to the page for this Shortcast at You can also leave your answer––or join the conversations!––at the official Facebook and/or Google+ pages. You may also e-mail any questions, comments, or concerns to forallpod [at]

For all intents and purposes, that was a Shortcast recap.

Featured Music:

-“Thunderbustin'” by Wax Audio

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