Goodbye, 2016, Goodbye

Goodbye, 2016, Goodbye

A special interruption to help properly end 2016 and bring in the new year. Please enjoy.

Click here to download the song, “Goodbye 2016,” by itself.

Happy New Year!

That has been a song for all intents and purposes.


LYRICS (I guess?):

Goodbye, 2016, Goodbye,
Your day is done, it’s time to fly
And revel in your win

You made us all give in
With your special brand of torturin’
The scars will always show

Why did you have to hurt me so?
Not just me, but everybody else I know?
Take a hint, read the signs,
Close the door, shut the blinds,
Turn away and let everybody say

Let everybody say

Goodbye, 2016, goodbye
The worst year I’ve ever seen
I’m kind of scared of 2017.


-“Goodbye 2016 Goodbye” by D. Bethel (with Andrew Asplund)

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