Episode 92 – The Microbox

Episode 92 – The Microbox

Week in Geek: Andrew attends Emerald City Comic Con while Dan attends the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo.

The New Strange: The teaser trailer for the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Dr. Strange, was released to the world this week adding to the already high anticipation. Can Benedict Cumberbatch bring a classic Marvel character to life?

Hard Games: With Dark Souls III finally being released stateside this week, Dan and Andrew sit and talk about the trend toward very hard video games. Where does it come from? Why do we like this kind of punishment?

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For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.


-“At the Mountains of Madness” animated short by The SpookySpookyShoggoths.
-“After 15 Years of Disappointment, Can Final Fantasy Be Great Again?” An interview with Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata by John Robertson (via arstechnica).
Skirmish Entertainment, a Sacramento indie developer whose game, End of the Mine, was at the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo.
Rocktastic Games, a San Francisco Bay-area developer whose game, Rogue Continuum, was featured at the Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo.

Featured Music:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio
-“People are Strange” by Echo and the Bunnymen
-“Still Alive” by Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories (from Portal)
-“Taxman” by Stevie Ray Vaughan

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