Episode 86 – Starting Pause

Episode 86 – Starting Pause

Week in Geek: Andrew spends some time in Portland, Oregon and hangs out at one of its popular gamer bars, Ground Control. Dan reads Marvel’s 2014 mini-series, Deadpool vs. X-Force and really enjoys some clever meta-retcon that happens.

Narrative Bifurcation: Dan and Andrew discuss some of the possibilities brought on by Nintendo’s very interesting release of Fire Emblem Fate, which is actually two full-priced releases, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.  Even then, the ostensible ending is only available via paid-DLC (titled Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation). It’s a dangerous tactic, but can be used for good as well.

Bye Bye Bioware: Over the last few years, major players at famed video game developer, Bioware, have been hemorrhaging from the company at a surprising rate. However, is it the sign of doom some people are predicting?

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For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.

Relevant Links & Interesting Reading:

-“The Great Bioware Exodus and the Future of Western RPGs” by Matthew Loffhagen from EquityArcade.

-“Fire Emblem Fates‘ Pronged Success Could Affect the Future of Game Publishing” by Nick Zappulla from EquityArcade.

Radio Times‘ exclusive trailer for the upcoming Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the 10th Doctor and Donna Noble.

Featured Music:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio
-“Two Of Us” by The Beatles
-“The Citadel” by Richard Jacques, Jack Wall, and Sam Hulick
-“Rockin’ Robin” by Bobby Day

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