Episode 56 – Don’t Stop Recording

Episode 56 – Don’t Stop Recording

Week in Geek: Andrew watches the classic Italian film with tenuous ties to the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Sacco y Vanzetti while Dan can’t drive in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: With this week’s theme being about death, they watch antoher TNG episode titled “Tapestry” where Captain Picard…dies?!?!

Death (and Defeat) in Gaming: An extension from last week’s topic about violence in gaming, this week Dan and Andrew examine how death is used––and how it has changed––in gaming.

The Death of Optimus Prime: Looking away from gaming for a bit (while staying on topic), Andrew and Dan discuss a prominent nerd death from the 1986 classic, The Transformers: The Movie.

Question of the Geek:

What has been the most impactful fictional death for you and why?

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We won’t be posting full episodes for a few weeks as we take a summer break, but we will have Shortcasts going up in our absence, so keep checking the feed!

For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.

Featured Music:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio

-“Star Trek: The Next Generation – End Credits” by Ron Jones

-“Rogue Legacy (Main Theme)” by Tettix

-“Death of Optimus Prime” by Vince DiCola (from The Transformers: The Movie)

-“Dare” by Stan Bush (from The Transformers: The Movie)

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