Space Man From Pluto

Space Man From Pluto

SECRET INVASION…OF A.I.: Marvel seems to have hamstrung the release of its new Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, when viewers quickly noticed the apparent artlessness of the show’s opening credits and that they seemed to have used A.I. engines to create it instead of, you know, any of the artists it employs.

STIFLED PRODIGY: Paramount+ has been on a Star Trek kick for the last few years, but all might not be as rosy at it seems. Not only has it cancelled the all-ages-aimed animated series, Star Trek: Prodigy, it has also removed all the episodes from their proprietary streaming service––even though season 2 is wrapping production.

A BEAST OF A SURPRISE: D. Bethel takes a moment to discuss Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and how it pleasantly surprises in terms of actually being a good Transformers movie (who knew?).




  • “Unicron Medley” by Vince DiCola

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