Dungeons & Grandmas

Dungeons & Grandmas

ROLL TO SAVE: Now that Andrew has finally seen it, our hosts dive into the surprise hit of the year, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and look at how it honors (and deviates from) the game it’s based upon.


  • The Black Arts of Algorithms” (5 August 2016): Where our hosts discuss the disparity of interpretation of box office numbers with regard to Ghostbusters: Answer the Call and the first Suicide Squad.
  • Open Awesome License” (13 January 2023): Where Andrew discusses the Open Game License controversy D&D publisher, Wizards of the Coast, got into.
  • Madmacguffin” (20 January 2023): Where our hosts share their thoughts about the first (and only?) season of the Disney+ show, Willow.



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