Films in Quarries

Films in Quarries

WEEK IN GEEK: This week, Andrew dives into the strange patchwork origin of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers while D. Bethel is pleasantly surprised by the Netflix series, Sweet Tooth, an adaptation of Dan’s favorite recent comic series by Jeff Lemire.


  • The Space Dog and Bacchus Show” (21 August 2014): Where Andrew interviews indie game developer, Kai Cambra.
  • It’s Not Crude, It’s Savage” (08 January 2016): Where Andrew and D. Bethel confront the famous sub vs. dub debate.
  • Starfleet First” (31 January 2020): Where Andrew shares his thoughts on the first episode of the Paramount+ original show, Picard.
  • I Am the State” (26 February 2021): Where D. Bethel rails against Nintendo and its apparent bias against Metroid.




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