Episode 157 – Licking Controllers

Episode 157 – Licking Controllers

Wendy Crewson and Tom Hanks in a promotional still from Mazes and Monsters. Source: CBS

GAMES AT PAX WEST: We sent our man on the scene, Andrew, to PAX West while our Man in California, D. Bethel, watched on the internet. Now, they talk about the games they saw. Andrew muses over gameplay quirks in Stone Story RPG and Aground, while D. reacts to the strong sprites ethic in Get in the Car, Loser! and Star Renegades. Also, Andrew reflects on a series of panels he saw at the event, all of which focus on not just tabletop role-playing games, but specifically––and surprisingly––just Dungeons & Dragons.

Dan can’t get over these sprites! GIF from Star Renegades. Source: Massive Damage, Inc.

Also, D. Bethel will be exhibiting at the 2018 Crocker Con in Sacramento! It is on Thursday, September 13th, from 6-9:30pm at the Crocker Art Museum in Downtown Sacramento. For more info, click here, or check out the Facebook Event page.

The poster for this year’s Crocker Con event. Art by Melissa Pagluica.


For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.


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-“District Four” by Kevin McLeod (incompetech.com)*
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