Episode 05 – Remembers the Poops

Episode 05 – Remembers the Poops

With Dan running at about 60%, Andrew boldly steps up to the reins and wheels a new episode through to the finish line.  Under his masterly guidance, they competently discuss the following:

Week in Geek – Andrew plays X-Com again.  Dan plays Street Fighter IV for the first time.

Boasts of Bethel – Dan discusses thinking about making comics too hard.

Nerd Topics – Writer/director Rian Johnson was announced to helm episode 8 of Star Wars (and possibly episode 9), and with that news Dan and Andrew discuss the worlds of reboots and continuations and what it all means.

Who Cares (title still pending) – The guys discuss a Doctor Who event that is particularly near and dear to Andrew as he had to say goodbye to his Doctor in a particularly gruesome fashion.  They discuss Doctor Who: The Movie.

Closing Time – Before getting to the new nerdly question, fans’ answers to last week’s question are addressed.  But this week they ask:

What nerd product/media do you feel represents or comments on its era? Why?

What is your answer to this question?  Leave a comment either at forall.libsyn.com, the posts on Facebook, or send an email at forallpod [at] gmail.com and your answers will be read on the next episode!

It’s an exciting week!  For all intents and purposes, that’s an episode recap.

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