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Episode 13 – The Space Dog and Bacchus show.

Episode 13 – The Space Dog and Bacchus show.

It’s the thirteenth episode as Dan and Andrew do their best to avoid any and all calamity.

Week in Geek:  Andrew plays the new Dungeons and Dragons to…interesting results. Dan bought a book about comics theory, Comics and Sequential Art by Will Eisner.

Boasts of Bethel: Dan discusses why he doesn’t think the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie isn’t a complete disaster.

Discussion: Now that they have both seen Guardians of the Galaxy, they discuss its impact within the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe and how the MCU could and/or should look from this point forward.

Andrew’s Cross-Examination: Andrew interviews Seattle-based indie game designer, Kai Cambra about his interesting thoughts about game design.

Nerd Question: It’s almost time for Peter Capaldi’s Doctor to be revealed to the world; so, with that in mind, we ask:

With the coming of the 12th Doctor, who is your favorite Doctor and/or what is your favorite Doctor Who moment?

Answer in the comments to this episode’s post at Or feel free to e-mail your answer––and any comments or questions about the show––to

For all intents and purposes, that’s an episode recap.

See you next week!

Episode 12 – Our Best Work

Episode 12 – Our Best Work

Andrew and Dan keep it interesting by presenting you a very special episode of A Podcast [ , ] For All Intents and Purposes.  With outside commitments preventing them from recording at their usual time, the format and structure of this episode present new and exciting ideas to your (14th!) favorite geeky and nerd discussion podcast.

Week in Geek: Andrew buys new tabletop games––Caverna and Province––while Dan sees Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Andrew Interrogates:  Andrew sits down with Seattle tabletop guru, Jake Waltier, to discuss tabletop gaming, especially in the Seattle area.

[ , ] Original: Referencing a joke made at the end of episode 9, Dan wrote and recorded a folk rock original, “Cthulhu Clock.”

Andrew Cross-Examines: Next, Andrew sits down with the founders of Across the Board Games.Net, Nicole Jekich and Luke Turpeinen.

Nerd Question: With the tabletop-heavy content this week, we ask you to tell us:

What is the tabletop game that is most intriguing and/or interesting to you right now?

Submit your answers or any questions as a comment to this episode’s post at  You can also e-mail us at

For all intents and purposes, that’s an episode recap.

Music from this Episode:

-“Stayin’ in Black” by Wax Audio

-“Cthulhu Clock” by D. Bethel

-“Dinosaucers theme” by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban

Cthulhu Clock Lyrics

(written and recorded by D. Bethel)

On the road to Rhode Island to put my mind at ease,

A secluded cabin hideaway beneath the ocean’s breeze.

It’s just a place to settle down and rest my weary head,

and I would but for a strange cuckoo clock that was mounted above my bed.

Cthulhu clock, Cthulhu clock

It penetrates my mind.

Cthulhu clock, Cthulhu clock

I hear its ceaseless chime.

Its wretched screams are endless as they

ring out through my dreams.

And until I’m driven mad…it’s not as bad as it seems.

At first, my mind was singing in the perfect solitude.

Finally, alone with all my thoughts in a bright and hopeful mood.

But as weeks wore on a creeping dread fell on me with the night

Because every hour that clock would sound filled with antediluvian fright.

Though my master remains sleeping, one day he will arise,

and amid a tenebrous cavalcade I’ll gladly proselytize.

What are these thoughts surrounding me? I cannot look away.

With every toll another part of me begins to painfully fade away.

Cthulhu clock, Cthulhu clock,

I’m clawing at my eyes.

Cthulhu clock, Cthulhu clock,

All life I now despise.

My nerve-ends are exploding because

I cannot understand:

Am I just a speck of dust in your giant, god-like hand?

Episode 08 – The Injection Objection

Episode 08 – The Injection Objection

The world can’t keep up with Dan and Andrew as they tear through all things geeky and nerdy.

The Week in Geek: Before getting into individual accomplishments, they discuss the recently released trailer for Doctor Who Series 8! Andrew then discusses his preparation for UnPub in Seattle, while Dan discusses about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and the Veronica Mars movie.

Boasts of Bethel:  In this week’s boast, Dan gets psychological and ponders the connection between nerds and ironic/meta-humor and asks whether it’s a good thing or not. SPOILER: He has no answers.

Discussion:  Inspired by the satirical-cum-blindingly-successful Potato Salad Kickstarter that made the rounds in this week’s news cycle, Dan and Andrew examine what, exactly, Kickstarter is, could be, and should be and how it has been a benefit or detriment to geek culture.

Andrew Objects: Hot on the heels of news that Marvel’s Thor will now be a woman, Andrew decides to object to…those who object.

Geek Thoughts: Big thanks to Walter Phippeny, Liz Geisser, Jason Morgan, Ruben Hanson-Rojas, and Brittney Farrand for responding to last week’s question! Your answers were insightful and fun to talk about.  However, we must keep moving forward, so we ask:

What is a nerdy/geeky thing you’ve been doing recently that you want more people to know about?

Leave a comment on the episode’s post at, or on either Andrew’s or Dan’s Facebook/Google+/Twitter posts (Dan’s Twitter and Andrew’s Twitter).  You can also leave a comment on iTunes or e-mail us at forallpod [at]

Until next week, for all intents and purposes, this is an episode breakdown.

Episode 07 – The Volumometer Incident

Episode 07 – The Volumometer Incident

Even in the face of a near disastrous behind the scenes technical glitch, it turns out that Andrew and Dan can’t be stopped.  Again, they bring you another outstanding episode that covers a straight-up plethora of topics, including:

Week in Geek:  Andrew plays the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game while Dan watches How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Looper and also finds time to play a few hours of Metal Gear Solid 3 in the wake of last week’s episode.

Boasts of Bethel: This week, Dan ruminates on how animated films are marginalized by modern American society and wonders what we can do to move it forward.

Discussion:  Nintendo guru, Shigeru Miyamoto, makes a startlingly bold claim that video games are in a state of “creative immaturity.”  Andrew and Dan discuss what this means and what it may take to get out of it.

Who Cares:  Going back to the well, they discuss not an episode or story but a villain! This time they venture into the mind of Davros, the creator of the Daleks.

Geek Thoughts:  After going over last week’s very debated question, this week they ask:

What is a game/movie/tv show/comic/book/album/etc. that you feel helped move its medium forward?  Why and how?

Leave a comment on the episode’s post at, or on either Andrew’s or Dan’s Facebook/Google+/Twitter posts. You can also leave a comment on iTunes or e-mail us at forallpod [at]

Until next week, for all intents and purposes, that was an episode breakdown.

Episode 06 – Heart Law, Article 9

Episode 06 – Heart Law, Article 9

The guys are back and push it to 11!  Because Dan lives in Sacramento, and it is summer, you’ll hear his floor fan humming along throughout the episode––you’ve been warned! In a very energetic episode, Andrew and Dan discuss the following:

Week in Geek: Andrew continues to play X-Com, but not before also playing some 13th Age.  Dan plays the demo for Valiant Hearts and nearly cries while doing so.

Andrew Objects: Breaking into our regularly scheduled Boasts of Bethel, Andrew addresses the idea that your role-playing game is better (or worse) than anybody elses…and why that might be a problem.

Nerd Debate:  Dan sees Transformers: Age of Extinction which gets the guys to ponder the role of 80s nostalgia in popular culture. Then Dan tells Michael Bay how to make Transformers movies.

Games That Matter:  Andrew and Dan discuss the importance and impact of Konami’s (more appropriately, Hideo Kojima’s) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Last Call: After reviewing listener responses to last week’s question, Dan and Andrew get into a semantic debate, which must be resolved by you:

Which term is most appropriate to describe our culture: nerd or geek (other?)? Why?

Leave a comment on the episode’s post at, or on either Dan or Andrew’s Facebook/Google+/Twitter posts, leave a comment on iTunes, or email us at forallpod [at]

Until next week, for all intents and purposes, this is an episode breakdown.

Episode 03 – Police Intrusion

Episode 03 – Police Intrusion

We’re back for episode three!  This week Andrew and Dan get into trouble talking about topics such as:

-Andrew’s recent decent into Bronyhood…sort of.

-Dan left his house, for once, to see a movie!

-Dan also talks about “next gen” gaming.

-Then they come back to talk about the indie game movement, spurred on by this Gamasutra article.

-To right this vehicle, they then talk about Doctor Who again, this time discussing the 2nd Doctor’s exit story, The War Games.

-Yes, they know E3 is going on right now. No, they don’t talk about it.

As always, they would like to hear from you about what you thought of the episode! You can do that by leaving a comment at the episode page, found at You can also send them an e-mail at forallpod [at]

For all intents and purposes, this is a blog post.

Music from this episode includes:

-Stayin’ in Black by Wax Audio

-I Am the Doctor by Jon Pertwee

Episode 02 – The Clap

Episode 02 – The Clap

As expected, we have created a second episode for your listening pleasure.  This week, as with last week, our topics went all over the place:

-Andrew discusses his time with the game, Sentinels of the Multiverse.

-D. Bethel discusses his new webcomic, Long John (

-He also boasts about how Godzilla could possibly Cthulhu’s second-cousin.

-Andrew gives us all we need to know about the new Dungeons & Dragons.

-In a new segment––Love the Craft––the boys discuss the H. P. Lovecraft story, The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

-To close out the episode, they take a look forward and ask if they have anything exciting planned for the coming week.  (SPOILERS: No.)

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on any of the above topics and we’ll read it on next week’s show!

Also, FAIAP (For All Intents And Purposes, that is) is now available for subscription on iTunes if you prefer to get your podcasts there.

If you prefer e-mail, that is at

Thanks again for the great response to the show!  We aim to entertain!

Music from this episode includes:

-Stayin’ In Black – Wax Audio