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Spaceship Mall

Spaceship Mall

To celebrate Andrew’s birthday today, he and D. Bethel talk about thing they both love a lot: classic Doctor Who.

SURVIVAL OF THE WHO-IEST: “Survival” is an interesting story for a variety of reasons in classic Doctor Who, not the least of which being that it was the last story to air before the show was cancelled in 1989. Beyond that, though, and beyond the questionable production design and special effects, is a real clever story that says as much about the culture it was made in (and today!) as it does about its characters. Though it’s a capstone on a series that was, perhaps, past its prime, its a more endearing and impressive capstone on the era of the Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy, and Ace, played by Sophie Aldred. Andrew and Dan take a few minutes to walk through all the impressive––and mildly less impressive––aspects of this story.




  • Additional audio taken from Doctor Who, “Survival”, Episode 3.