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Shortcast 73 – English Major Math

Shortcast 73 – English Major Math

Image Source: Blizzard

OPPORTUNITY DIABLOWN: At the end of the keynote presentation for this year’s BlizzCon––a convention devoted to game developer, Blizzard, created by game developer, Blizzard––the wildly successful PC developer announced a new entry into its long-running and beloved Diablo franchise: Diablo: Immortal. While ostensibly a new Diablo game, Diablo: Immortal is a phone game made not by Blizzard but by Chinese mobile developer, NetEase, and it was decidedly not the game fans wanted news about: Diablo IV. In a backlash of epic proportions, Blizzard has tried to course-correct which only dug them in deeper, D. Bethel and Andrew investigate the aloofness of Blizzard, the entitlement of fandom, and the hazy trouble in-between.


  • Bethel, D. “The Week – 26 October 2018.Long John. ––Where D. Bethel wrote about people judging texts based on news, images, previews without actually seeing the final content.
Image: BBC. Text: D. Bethel


For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.


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