Business Is About to Happen

Business Is About to Happen

WEEK IN GEEK: This week, Andrew goes back to the wasteland for the first time as he plays Fantasy Flight’s board game version of Fallout, while D. Bethel does a postmortem on the X-Men-based Fox television show, The Gifted, after its second (and final?) season finale [SPOILER ALERT].



For all intents and purposes, that was an episode recap.


One thought on “Business Is About to Happen

  1. Another delightful episode, gents–thanks!

    I’ve played the Fallout game once or twice using a fix recommended in this thread:

    It involves shaking up the faction-based influence system for victory points and it does make for a less janky experience. I haven’t played the expansion, so maybe they patched it (as FF often does with expansions). In brief, the changes are:
    -Deal players non-faction based cards at the start of the game.
    -Cap the Influence given by any single Faction card at 3.

    That makes it much harder to find yourself in can’t-win or can’t-lose situations.

    I enjoyed The Gifted, but man oh man, the dialogue is hot garbage. Part of that is delivery, as the acting is also somewhat…uneven. But so many nerd shows are upping the game with high-quality dialogue and performance (Legion, Jessica Jones, American Gods, The Expanse, Star Trek: Discovery, etc.) that what would have once passed for adequate is now kind of maddening. I’m sure I’ll watch season 3 if they get renewed, but I won’t be too upset if it just drifts away.

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