The 2-Body Solution

The 2-Body Solution

WEEK IN GEEK: Our hosts jump right into it as Andrew gets sucked back into the world of Stardew Valley with their most recent update and D. Bethel taps into the zeitgeist and plays the roguelike, deckbuilding, poker-themed (?!) game, Balatro.

THE SEASON OF REGENERATION: With the release of the trailer for the new series of Doctor Who, it contains all that fans could hope for––action, humor, adventure, drama…and it’s “season 1”?


(00:00) Intro – Andrew got too distracted to podcast…

(01:37) …because he got sucked into Stardew Valley‘s 1.6 release.

(15:33) D. Bethel can’t stop playing the not poker video game, Balatro.

(28:49) Outro – In May we start Doctor Who‘s…first season?

(31:35) Outtakes


  • Love the Stank” (30 December 2016): Where Andrew first dives into the addictive world of Stardew Valley.
  • States of Play” (30 August 2019): Where Andrew shares his first experiences with Klei Entertainment’s Oxygen Not Included.
  • Reliable Virtual Helmets” (27 September 2019): Where D. Bethel shares his first experiences diving into the world of roguelike deckbuilding games with Meteorfall: Journey.
  • Smell the Duke” (4 February 2022): Where D. Bethel discusses the roguelike conversation/combat deckbuilding game by Klei Entertainment, Griftlands.




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