INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE: Andrew delights us with his tales of sausage-stuffing.

2023’s THING OF THE YEAR: Our hosts reflect on what they believe would define 2023 for them. Andrew reflects on the many trials that faced Dungeons & Dragons while D. Bethel gets sentimental with Indiana Jones & the Dial of Destiny.


(00:00) Intro – Andrew’s sausage party
(05:51) Andrew’s 2023 TotY: The Ongoing Trials of Dungeons & Dragons
(11:56) D. Bethel’s 2023 TotY: Indiana Jones & the Dial of Destiny
(19:11) Outro – More evidence of Willow erasure
(21:03) Outtakes


  • Kamen Themes” (30 December 2022): Where our hosts reflect on what stood out to them most in 2022.
  • Open Awesome License” (13 January 2023): Where Andrew discusses the drama surrounding Dungeons & Dragons and its Open Game License.
  • Dungeons & Grandmas” (19 May 2023): Where our hosts discuss the film, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.
  • Comma Dong” (11 August 2023): Where the use of “AI-enhanced” art was found to be used in an official Dungeons & Dragons book was discussed.
  • Smoke Time” (25 August 2023): Where D. Bethel shares his thoughts on Indiana Jones & the Dial of Destiny.



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