Full Frasier

Full Frasier

WEEK IN GEEK: After avoiding the microphones for a week due to disaster-level weather, our hosts return with their Weeks in Geek. Andrew watched Cobra Kai, season 5, and finds it makes a bad movie good. D. Bethel watched people play videogames over on the Nextlander YouTube channel, where they work their way through the incredibly dated, but also incredibly daring point-and-click adventure game, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery (aka Gabriel Knight 2).


  • Premature Clapulation” (19 June 2014): Where our hosts talk about the history, legacy, and current state (as of 2014) of point-and-click adventure games.
  • The Tainted Lens” (28 April 2017): Where D. Bethel discusses his favorite point-and-click adventure game, LucasArts’ Full Throttle, after it was remastered as Full Throttle Remastered.
  • Chekhov’s Honk” (22 January 2021): Where our hosts talk about the first three Karate Kid movies.
  • Too Many Johnnies” (05 February 2021): Where our hosts have a big talk about the Cobra Kai series.




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