Nerd Intervention

Nerd Intervention

AN ACTUAL BAD WOLF: With the newest series/season of Doctor Who wrapped up, our hosts discuss what was new, interesting, and surprising about this new batch of episodes.

AJAB: Andrew reflects on the controversial new Star Wars show on Disney+, The Acolyte.


(00:00) Intro – Andrew breaks out on his own
(01:42) An impromptu discussion on late-stage social media
(07:40) Doctor Who recap
(09:20) A little love for Mel Bush
(13:38) Sutekh…really?!
(18:02) Highs and slightly less highs of the new season
(29:46) The Remembered TARDiS
(36:08) Outro – The Acolyte
(39:28) Outtakes


  • The Winter Donna” (8 December 2023): Where our hosts gleefully share their thoughts about the first of the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, “The Star Beast.”
  • Pleasure Quotes” (22 December 2023): Where our hosts talk about the final two episodes of the 60th anniversary specials for Doctor Who.
  • Old Nudes” (17 May 2024): Where our hosts discuss the first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who.



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