CAUGHT IN THE WAKE: Without any behind the scenes scheming, our hosts simultaneously began playing Alan Wake Remastered this week and are charmed––and frustrated––by how engaging and innovative this thirteen year old survival horror game continues to be. This week, they share their thoughts on the opening hours of the game while reflecting on the legacy of the game and its developer, Remedy Entertainment.

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: Lionsgate announced that it is moving forward with its Highlander reboot with Henry Cavill attached to star. D. Bethel is skeptical for dumb reasons and Andrew has a valid argument about the superiority of the tv show over the movie series.


(00:00) Intro – What day is it?
(01:13) Playing Alan Wake
(33:15) Outro – The Weekly Highlander Minute!
(39:53) Outtakes



  • Greek It Up” (19 May 2017): Where our hosts cover the delisting of Alan Wake due to the loss of its music rights.
  • Maymory” (3 June 2022): Where D. Bethel talks about his experience reading the novelization of the original Highlander film in the outro for the episode in what ended up being his “Summer of Highlander”.
  • Magic Gas” (22 July 2022): Where D. Bethel continues his “Summer of Highlander” adventure by reading A Kind of Magic, an incredibly researched history of the creation of the original film.



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