Kamen Themes

Kamen Themes

A YEAR IN REVIEW: Since this is the last episode of the year, our hosts decide to look back at the 2022 that was, diving into the controversies, the rabbit holes, and the individual favorites that defined the year for our hosts.


  • Doctor Ennui” (27 August 2021): Where Andrew first dives deep into the Super Sentai pool.
  • An Optimistic Dystopia” (12 August 2022): Where D. Bethel talks about Stray.
  • Waiting for Helicopter” (30 September 2022): Where our hosts talk about the strange and frustrating actions taken by the new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.
  • Aggressive Modulation” (04 November 2022): Where our hosts discuss the growth, the themes, and the impact of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Tweets to Toots” (09 December 2022): Where our hosts talk about how Star Trek: Deep Space Nine establishes itself at the beginning of its first season.




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